This term I am teaching Introduction to schemes: all the materials will be here.
I plan to be using lecture notes by Dhruv Ranganathan, enjoy!

Algebraic K-theory and Motivic cohomology


In spring 2023, I taught a Master's course (M2) at Sorbonne.


Helpful sources:

  1. M. Hoyois’ lecture course on algebraic K-theory
  2. A. Khan’s lecture course on algebraic K-theory and intersection theory
  3. F. Binda and A. Khan’s lecture course on Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch theorem
  4. D. Nardin's lecture course on Stable homotopy theory
  5. S. Kelly "User's guide to Voevodsky's correspondences"
  6. D. Grayson "Motivic spectral sequence"
  7. T. Bachmann "Algebraic K-theory from the viewpoint of motivic homotopy theory"



Useful references:

  1. C. Weibel "The K-book: an introduction to algebraic K-theory", 2013
  2. E. Friedlander, D. Grayson "Handbook of K-theory", 2005
  3. C. Mazza, C. Weibel, V. Voevodsky "Lecture notes on motivic cohomology", 2006
  4. D. Quillen "Higher algebraic K-theory: I", 1973
  5. R. Thomason and T. Trobaugh “Higher algebraic K-theory of schemes and of derived categories”, 1990
  6. A. Suslin "On the K-theory of algebraically closed fields", 1983
  7. C. Weibel “Algebraic K-theory of rings of integers in local and global fields”, 2004

"A wise man loves to learn, and a fool loves to teach."

Anton Chekhov, From the diaries

Algebraic Geometry


In SS 2022  I taught  "Introduction to Algebraic Geometry" at ETH.

My main source were the notes by G. Ellingsrud and J.C. Ottem 
which contain pictures, intuition and comments in Norwegian!