My research is in motivic homotopy theory, which is a diverse mixture of algebraic geometry,

homotopy theory and algebraic K-theory.

Recently, I became interested in enumerative geometry and its interactions with homotopy theory.







Here are the videos of some of the talks I gave. 

my ph.D. advisor

This is my advisor, Prof. Marc Levine, in a photo stolen from

his webpage. To learn more you can:


"I measured harmony by arithmetics."

Alexander Pushkin, "Mozart and Salieri"

MY dream team

Tom Bachmann

LMU Munich



Elden Elmanto

Harvard University

Marc Hoyois

University of Regensburg

Adeel Khan

University of Regensburg

 Vova Sosnilo

Chebyshev Lab.
St. Petersburg

Denis Nardin

University of Regensburg

Joachim Jelisiejew

University of Warsaw