Mura Yakerson

Welcome to my home page!


I'm a Hermann-Weyl-Instructor at ETH Zürich, 
at the Institute for Mathematical Research (FIM)

My mentor is Rahul Pandharipande.

The focus of my research is motivic homotopy theory,

which applies powerful methods of algebraic topology 

to shed light on mysteries of algebraic geometry.

I did my PhD under supervision of  Marc Levine
at the Duisburg-Essen University.
And here is a story how my PhD program started: Jail-dreaming

     "The more I learned, the more conscious did I become of the fact that I was ridiculous. So that for me my years of hard work at the university seem in the end to have existed for the sole purpose of demonstrating and proving to me, the more deeply engrossed I became in my studies, that I was an utterly absurd person."

Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

My News


Title Twisted motivic spectral sequence
Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss algebraic K-theory of vector bundles twisted by a Brauer class. The main aspect of our interest will be the twisted version of the motivic spectral sequence, which in turn is an algebro-geometric analogue of the Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence in topology. Time permitting, we will summarize a strategy for computing slices of the twisted algebraic K-theory spectrum, generalizing a computation by Bruno Kahn and Marc Levine. This is joint work with Elden Elmanto and Denis Nardin.

TitleHilbert schemes of affine spaces

Abstract: Hilbert schemes of smooth surfaces are well-studied objects, however not much is known about Hilbert schemes of higher dimensional varieties. In this talk, we will speak about topological properties of Hilbert schemes of affine spaces. In particular, we will compute the homotopy type of the Hilbert scheme of infinite affine space. Time permitting, we will discuss a generalization of this computation for certain Quot schemes. This is joint work with Marc Hoyois, Joachim Jelisiejew, Denis Nardin, and Burt Totaro.