Mura Yakerson

Welcome to my home page!


I am an Associate Professor at Oxford University, St. Peter's College and a CNRS researcher at IMJ-PRG, Sorbonne (on leave since October 2023).


My background is in motivic homotopy theory,

which applies powerful methods of algebraic topology 

to shed light on mysteries of algebraic geometry.


I did my PhD under supervision of  Marc Levine
at the Duisburg-Essen University.
And here is a story how my PhD program started: Jail-dreaming

     "The more I learned, the more conscious did I become of the fact that I was ridiculous. So that for me my years of hard work at the university seem in the end to have existed for the sole purpose of demonstrating and proving to me, the more deeply engrossed I became in my studies, that I was an utterly absurd person."

Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Dream of a Ridiculous Man



  • There is a new tab on the website -- you will recognize which one it is. Take a look!

  • Recently I gave a talk "In search for math-life balance" on the Postdoc symposium in Birmingham University, 

    where I shared some reflections on the psychological struggles of doing math.

    I also gave a talk "Don Juan and the Love to Algebraic Geometry" at the event "Beyond the Pipeline" in Oxford, 

    where I talked about my way into math research.

    I would be happy to give more of such kind of talks! 

  • I am making a new series of videos, "K-theory Wonderland", which are an attempt to popularize abstract math:

    here is the first math video, and here is a masterpiece made by Jeremiah Heller. 

    Feedback is very welcome!